For 11 years, June has been proclaimed Orca Awareness Month by the Governor of Washington, and for the first time in 2016 Orca Awareness Month was being celebrated in Oregon and in British Columbia.

Below are Orca Month 2017 events and more info on how to get involved in Orca Month!


Thursday June 1st - Green Drinks - Harmon Brewery, Tacoma | Free

Sunday June 4th. 2:00 to 5:00 - Orca Month kick-off and celebration of J2 Granny - Golden Gardens, Seattle | Free

Saturday June 10th 9:30 to 4:30 - Orcas In Our Midst Workshop hosted by Orca Network - Langley, WA

June 13th - 30th - Toxic Beauty - U.W. Tacoma

Saturday June 24th - Orca Sing - Lime Kiln Point State Park, San Juan Island

June 24th and 25th - Orca Awareness Weekend - Seattle, WA

June 24th - Orca Day Festival - Port Townsend, WA

British Columbia:

Sunday May 28th - Orca Month Proclamation - City of Victoria Council Chambers

Saturday June 3rd - Orca Hat Craft - Victoria Central Library

Sunday June 4th - Ocean Film Festival - Location TBA

Wednesday June 14th 7:00 pm - Marine Evening - Churchmouse Coffeehouse, St. Mary's Church, Victoria B.C.

Saturday June 17th 1:30 to 4:00 - Orca Celebration and Action Day - 1525 Begbie St., Victoria

Saturday June 17th - Fernfest - Fernwood Square

Tuesday June 20th - Retire Lolita demonstration - downtown Victoria

Month of June - book display - Victoria Central Library


Wednesday June 14th - Pub Talk - Lucky Lab Pub

Saturday June 24th - World Oceans Day - Oregon Coast Aquarium

Orca Awareness Month, started by long-time killer whale conservation group, Orca Network, was created to bring together researchers, advocates, and killer whale lovers everywhere to raise the awareness of the threats facing these magnificent animals and provide a community to celebrate killer whales of the Salish Sea.

This year, as Orca Month approaches again, the one-year old Orca Salmon Alliance will help make the 11th anniversary of Orca Month as big and great as it can be! The Orca Salmon Alliance encourages everyone to take part- Orca Month is for every killer whale lover out there!

Orca-Salmon Alliance participation will focus on bringing events and activities to the public that raise awareness about the threats the southern resident killer whales and their main prey, Chinook salmon, face. Topics will include the need to restore habitat for Chinook, exploring recovery of the Snake/Columbia River system, the impacts of pollution on both species, and what other unique threats the most urban killer whales in the world face.

The Orca-Salmon Alliance's main message this year follows the saying, "No fish, no Blackfish" and would like to challenge others to think about salmon recovery in terms of the foundation of nutrition the fish give to numerous other species and ecosystems of the Northwest, including our beloved fish-eating killer whales, the southern residents. It has been just over 10 years that many of the Chinook runs within the southern residents' range were listed under the Endangered Species Act and both Chinook and the Southern Resident's future still hang by a thread. The Alliance aims to raise awareness about their plight this June and will provide calls for action that will make a difference for these iconic Northwest species.

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