Connecting whales and people in the Pacific Northwest

In 2001, Orca Network was formed to help satisfy widespread interest in the whales of the Pacific Northwest, and to emphasize the importance of providing them healthy and safe habitats. Projects include the Whale Sighting Network, Education Programs, a Marine Mammal Stranding Network, and the Free Lolita Project.

Howard Garrett
Director & President of the Board
Orca Network offers opportunities to learn about orcas and other whales, and by collecting citizen whale sightings, gathers important data for researchers and agencies, and in turn, shares information from researchers with the public. Through email reports, community education and a dynamic website, citizens are brought into contact with the whales who live here, given constant reminders of the impacts we each have on Pacific Northwest waters, and offered solutions and opportunities to reduce these impacts. Orca Network uses a grass-roots approach to collecting data about the whales, travels and disseminating this information to the general public, serving as a network to connect diverse audiences. Through the Whale Sighting Network email list Orca Network enables and encourages shore-based whale watching, and provides a venue for other organizations, researchers, and agencies to share information about events, research, conservation and whale-related issues.

Susan Berta
Volunteer/Event Coordinator
and VP/Treasurer of the Board
Orca Network programs motivate people to action by providing comprehensive information about the whales and helping them make a connection with the whales, and in turn with the need to protect their habitat and food source (salmon, primarily Chinook). Learning about these issues through the eyes of an orca reaches out to those beyond "the choir," inspiring and motivating people to take action to clean up Northwest waters and protect and preserve endangered species such as orcas and salmon. By partnering with a wide variety of the public and private sectors, Orca Network seeks to find creative ways for people to cooperatively work together in taking action to protect the rich, beautiful, diverse habitats and inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest.

Orca Network is registered as a federal nonprofit with 501(c)(3) status, and as a charitable organization in Washington State. We are located on Central Whidbey Island, and our Whale Sighting Network and education programs encompass Washington, Oregon, and B.C. waters and beyond.

1-866-ORCANET (672-2638)

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